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What is impact management?

Impact management is using information and data to improve a service or programme. It helps you realise what is or isn’t working and what you can do about it. There are three main elements. First, plan how to bring about the changes you want to make. Then collect and use the right data to know if you're achieving your goals. Finally, it also helps to have a culture that embraces learning, so you can improve what you do to better serve the people you support.

What is impact management

Why do it this way?

Impact management needn’t be costly or complicated. A group of us came together to create this site so we could give practical advice to organisations that want to get started, without relying on external support. The content was co-designed with over 100 charities and social enterprises to make it as useful and simple as possible. It acts as a step by step guide, but you can also dip in and out as your practice improves. Read more about our partnership.

Where do you want to start?


Data Diagnostic

The data diagnostic asks 10 multiple choice questions about what your programme or service is, how it works and who it targets. It then provides a tailored report that discusses what kind of data you should consider collecting and how.

Take data diagnostic

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