Developing an organisational culture with impact management at its core will deliver the best results for the people you support

This section of the website is for anyone looking for advice about how to embed an impact management culture at their organisation. An impact management culture is one where everyone is committed to learning and using data to continuously improve what they do.

How does it help

What will I learn?

This section contains an outline of what we mean by an impact management culture, along with tips and resources to help you develop an impact management culture at your organisation:

  1. Decide your impact management priorities
  2. Communicate about impact management and your plans
  3. Get buy-in by involving people
  4. Demonstrate the value of impact management
  5. Define roles and responsibilities
  6. Recruit and train people
  7. Think about incentives
  8.  Make data collection and use as easy as possible
  9. Set up systems and processes for learning
  10. Tolerate mistakes and failure

What is impact management

Who is this for?

Good impact management requires everyone in an organisation to be engaged in and committed to learning from data. This information is for everyone who wants to use impact management to improve programmes and services.

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Get started!

Find out what an impact management culture is and how to develop it at your organisation through our 10 tips and our guidance for making the case.

What is an impact management culture?