Using good quality data can improve how you manage your work and the impact that your programmes and services have

This section of the website contains guidance and tools about data collection and analysis. The information will help you improve your understanding and simplify your organisation's approach to data. Collecting proportionate and appropriate data will also help you make decisions about how to increase your impact.

How does it help

What will I learn?

This section contains tools and guidance on useful topics:

  • Types of data to consider when assessing your programme or service
  • What to collect (and what not to collect!) 
  • How to collect data using a range of research methods
  • How to analyse data and identify findings that can be used to make decisions
  • Using data to learn what's working and improve your impact management

If you're not sure where to begin, you could spend 5 minutes taking the data diagnostic to get tailored advice, then go and explore the different parts of this section in more detail.

What is impact management

Who is this for?

This information is for anyone who wants to improve how their organisation collects, analyses and uses data. The guidance is useful for everyone from senior managers making strategic decisions based on the data the organisation has, to frontline staff who do data collection.

Use our template as you work through the pages to summarise your organisation's approach to data for impact management.

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Get started

Get started!

Start by learning about different types of data, then move through what to collect, how to collect, how to analyse and how to use your data. Alternatively pick an area to focus on from the data sub-menu above.

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