Collect and use the right data to understand if your programme or service is working and how you can make it better

How does it help

What will I learn?

Our guidance will help you collect the right data, and then analyse and apply it to increase the impact of your programme or service.

We have information about different data collection methods, as well as how to use data to learn and improve. Each page contains information to help you collect data and use it to make better decisions.

What is impact management

Where to begin?

First, read about the different types of data which will help you prioritise what information you need to assess your service or programme. Then, if you're not sure which page to start on, spend five minutes taking the Data Diagnostic. This will introduce you to the kind of data you should be collecting and how.

Get started

Get started!

Start by learning about different types of data, then move through what to collect, how to collect, how to analyse and how to use your data.

Learn about the types of data