Prioritising your data

Prioritising the data you collect is key to understanding your impact and using your resources efficiently

This exercise will help you think about what you need to understand and improve your impact, and how data can help. You can do it individually but we recommend doing it with your team if you can. This might be a frontline staff team, management team, team of trustees, or all three! It will help if you have already worked through the questions in the planning section.

Feedback data

Prioritising your existing data

Each group should think about the information they need to help them in their role.

  • For staff doing this exercise - this information will probably relate to individual beneficiaries
  • For management/team leaders - this information will probably relate to groups of beneficiaries
  • For SMT/Board - this information will probably relate to all of your beneficiaries

If you find yourselves struggling for ideas, looking ahead to the Questions for analysis will give you some ideas.

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Data Diagnostic

The data diagnostic asks 10 multiple choice questions about what your programme or service is, how it works and who it targets. It then provides a tailored report that discusses what kind of data you should consider collecting and how.

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What to collect

These guides will help you understand what data you need to show your impact and what data you already have.

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