Be clear about who you aim to help, the difference you want your programme or service to make and how you will make it

How does it help

What will I learn?

Our three templates will help you plan how you achieve change with the people you’re trying to help. Each will guide you through questions you need to be clear on to run an effective programme.

A plan is not a one-time thing; it’s ever-evolving, whether you’re starting, growing or improving an existing programme or service. It is helpful to involve people from across the organisation – from beneficiaries to frontline staff and the senior team.

What is impact management

Where to begin?

Download each template in turn and answer the questions in the order provided (there are a maximum of six). If you have come together as a group, think about creative ways to make sure everyone's opinion is heard – for example, writing on post-it notes to display on the wall for discussion.

Get started

Get started!

Download our templates and work through the questions to create a plan to improve your impact management.

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Similar frameworks

‘Theory of change’, ‘logic model’ or ‘planning triangle’ centre on questions similar to those we’ve used here. If you already have a framework like this in place, use our prompts to help you update or refine it.